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Is a car loan with final rate makes sense?

Balloon financing or final installment financing is common practice, especially when buying a car. It impresses with small monthly installments – thanks to a large final installment.  Small monthly installments and a large final rate sound very tempting at first, but this can certainly have its pitfalls. Three way financing: car loan with final installment […]


Four out of ten Germans take out loans

In the period from June 2015 to July 2016, four out of ten Germans took out a loan. Borrowing is particularly common for financing cars or motorcycles.  Differences in the subject of installment credit are also evident between women and men. Overall, borrowers were satisfied and considered taking out further loans in the following months. […]


Smart home with a loan finance

Control the light via smartphone and be reminded by the fridge to the purchase – the topic of smart home is becoming increasingly interesting for the German citizens.  As a representative survey commissioned by our shows, for many, a loan is also conceivable to finance the smart facility. Smart Home devices are increasingly finding their […]


More car financing via loans

More and more consumers are opting for car finance through loans. In the first half of 2016 was a rise in car loans recorded, as the Banking Association announced.  The fact that buying a car is currently financed by a loan is also due to the particularly low interest rates. Number of car financing increased […]


Duration of processing loan applications

It only takes a few minutes to complete the application for a loan. But how long does it take to process through the bank?  The duration of processing credit applications varies greatly. While private customers usually receive a quick response, companies often wait unnecessarily long for a loan commitment, as a recent investigation shows. The […]

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